Admission Requirement


تعليمات القبول في كلية المجتمع في قطر اعتبارا من فصل الصيف (ابريل) عام 2015


A comprehensive community college system, CCQ offers many programs designed to meet the needs of Qatari students according to their backgrounds and interests. As an open admissions two-year lower-division undergraduate institution, CCQ has an open door admissions policy; all individuals who have at least one of the following qualifications are welcome to enroll:

  1. Diploma from accredited high school
  2. College-level hours earned at other accredited colleges/universities
  3. Have a satisfactory passing score on one of the standard placement tests


Admission to CCQ does not guarantee admission to all programs. Based upon their assessment results and program objectives, students may be admitted conditionally and required to take developmental and/or prerequisite courses. In addition, special admissions requirements have been established for programs which require that students possess previously learned skills and knowledge. Applicants may obtain additional admission information from the Office of Student Records, counselors, and campus offices.


Open to all of the Community College of Qatar students, Orientation is the perfect way to learn important information which will help you succeed in college.

Orientation Information (Attend one only)

Male Students: West Bay Campus

Female Students: C-Ring Campus

Light refreshments will be provided. Students are encouraged to arrive on time to ensure a seat. For more information, call 974-4401-1350.



Click Here: Print the completed application form and bring it with you to the College to apply for admission