Students from QU (Cross Registration)


Qatar University Students can register for CCQ on 26 June 2014 from 8am-2pm.

Please drop by the West Bay-Men’s or C-Ring Women’s Campus with the following guidelines.


Qatar University students who wish to take classes at CCQ must follow the Cross Registration guidelines.




·        Applicants must be a Qatari National

·        Students must apply for cross registration with a CCQ Advisor and get approval from QU at the beginning of every semester

·        Students can take a maximum of 18 credit hours at both institutions. Students, who take more courses, may not be allowed to transfer the additional credits back to QU.

·        QU will accept grades of ‘C’ or better

·        Please always check with QU on their policy & procedures about Cross Registration



To apply to CCQ, please bring the following to an Advisor:


·        Approval letter from QU of the classes eligible to take. Letters can be requested in the QU student services building

·        Official QU Transcript

·        Copy of your Qatar ID

·        Final Official & Certified High School transcript