Fourth Annual CCQ Internal Student Research Grant for 2016-2017

The Office of Scientific and Academic Research (OSAR) at CCQ is committed to creating and advancing innovative research and strengthening internal and external partnerships for future nationally-competitive grant proposals. With this in mind, OSAR is pleased to announce the Fourth Annual CCQ Internal Student Research Grant for 2016-2017. This grant provides up to ten thousand Qatari Riyals (10,000 QR) for a research project aimed at emphasizing the importance of research and collaboration between faculty and students on projects conducted in the interest of CCQ and the state of Qatar. The grant covers stipends for student researchers and faculty advisor. Initial research proposals are vetted for content and compliance to OSAR research requirements. Then, those proposals deemed acceptable are reviewed by a panel of three or more qualified faculty members with relevant expertise. The panel reports its recommendations to the OSAR Committee. On the basis of those recommendations, the OSAR Committee then convenes and allocates the student research grants according to the program’s guidelines and budget. (Please refer to the conditions).

Furthermore, OSAR looks forward to supporting faculty professional development via research activities and fostering new projects within the College and the State of Qatar.

  • The Principal Advisor (PA) must be a member of the CCQ faculty.
  • The PA supervises a research project that involves two CCQ Investigators (students).
  • The project is relevant to CCQ’s goals, the goals of the State of Qatar, and the PA's discipline.
  • Approvals are subject to a peer-reviewing process.
  • OSAR selects and awards one project from each discipline for a maximum of eight grants per annual cycle.
  • The duration of the CCQ Internal Student Research Grant is six months.
  • Each project is funded up to a maximum of QR 10,000.
  • Students receive a stipend of QR 3,000 each and faculty a stipend of QR 4,000.
  • Funds for equipment, supplies, and miscellaneous items are subject to approval by the College Dean. OSAR will not assume responsibility for the application regarding these funds.
    • Twenty-five percent of the stipend is disbursed upon OSAR approval of the mid-Progress Report (March 1, 2017).
    • The remaining seventy-five percent will be disbursed after OSAR approval of the Final Research Report and Oral Presentation (May 25, 2017).
  • All projects are publicly presented to the CCQ faculty, staff, and students on Research Day (May 17, 2017).
  • The 2016-2017 research cycle is open to
    • College-level faculty and students in either the English-Track or Arabic-Track.
    • ELC faculty and Transition faculty with college-level students in either the English-Track or Arabic-Track.

For further information, contact OSAR at

Proposals welcome from October 20, 2016 to November 17, 2016 at midnight.

Awardees announced by Thursday, December 1, 2016.

Mid-Research Progress Report due by Wednesday, March 1, 2017.

Final Research Report due by Thursday, May 25, 2017 and presented on Wednesday, May 17, 2017.

- Internal Grant Announcement 2016-2017

- CCQ Internal Grant Application final 2016-2017

The Grant Application must be completed electronically and submitted via email to OSAR at